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Chip was a long standing client of the Kensington studio before purchasing the business in 2019. He first started training there because, in his words, he didn’t want a standard high street gym nor spa-like opulence. “I wanted something pragmatic & effective. I wanted something real & inspiring. I wanted something convenient & flexible. My goals were straightforward: (i) build enough strength and endurance to keep up with my growing daughters and (ii) generally feel healthier. I wanted be challenged, yes, but what I was really looking for was direction on how to make better choices. What I found was a team that redefined for me not just what personal trainers could be, but also, importantly, how to make training personal. Owning STONE allows me to continue that exceptional service and develop it further, helping every one of our clients to achieve their own peak performance.”

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What we offer


iSTONE is our 30 day fitness transformation programme. We work with you to build strong foundations for your fitness and support your development to ensure you make lasting strength, movement and quality of life improvements.

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Corporate Wellness

Our corporate wellness packages are ideal for companies looking to provide for the health and wellbeing of their team. Our corporate wellness clients benefit from tailored and personalised training, ensuring every member of their team gets the most out of their training and makes meaningful improvements to their health and fitness.

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Our Coaches are ready to take you through 60 minute sessions in our fantastic Kensington & Bank locations. Both of our sites have natural movement areas where we focus on building a stronger connection between you and your body. Our clients who want to work on their inner athlete can utilise our strength and conditioning area; which has been designed and created by the same team who built the training facilities at the England Rugby team gym as well as Team GB Olympic training sites. Learn more about our studio sessions here.

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A wraparound package of sessions in the studio, your home or office, that works with accessible sports science. Face-to-face and online, that’s tailored to fit your work, travel and downtime. We’re with you in person when you need us, and will provide a structured portfolio of virtual support for when you can’t attend the studio. Find out more about mStone here.

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We work closely with a number of top physiotherapists, please fill in our contact form below for more details. Our world class physiotherapists can help with a variety of health and wellness issues; from injury rehabilitation, metabolic health and diet through to sports performance training.

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We build strong foundations for your body and a scaffolding around you to ensure you are set up for prolonged strength, movement and quality of life. We are not here for quick fixes. STONE is the bedrock on which to build your fitness and wellbeing goals.

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