HAWQ Score is our tailored corporate wellness programme for high performing professional teams.

Most corporate wellness programmes are too general, not tailored to employees’ individual needs and fail to make a significant difference to you or them. In response, we’re excited to introduce HAWQ Score.

How is HAWQ score different to traditional corporate wellness programmes?

HAWQ score, or Health And Wellness Quotient Score, is our tailored and tracked corporate personal training and wellness programme for high performing organisations and their employees. Where the average corporate wellness programme has an engagement rate of just 35%, HAWQ has been proven to boost accountability, with an average engagement rate of 75%.

Typical corporate wellness problems

  • High team turnover
  • Lack of focus
  • High levels of stress
  • Poor sleep and insomnia
  • Chronic health issues
  • Poor performance
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What is our HAWQ Score corporate wellness programme?

  • Digitally driven corporate wellness programme for high performing teams, combining an app, sleep, fitness and habit coaching as well as wearable fitness devices
  • Regular one-to-one personal training and fitness coaching for individual employees
  • Workout, nutrition, sleep and lifestyle support delivered via our app
  • Boost individual accountability and progress with personal scores for each tracked area
  • Identify company-wide areas for improvement and track overall progress with HAWQ’s unique, anonymised aggregated scoring system.

Benefits of HAWQ for corporate health & wellness

HAWQ provides your team with a level of individually tailored one-to-one coaching that would have previously been impossible. By combining our training app, regular meetings with coaches and wearable technology, HAWQ offers an engaging and supportive way to boost personal accountability and empower your team. This improves your team’s health, prevents burnout and elevates overall performance on both an individual and organisational level.

Data & personality driven corporate wellness

Our Coaches are the best in the industry and use HAWQ to identify, implement and guide each individual’s own wellness journey. Members of your team get their own HAWQ coach; together they will establish which “Pillars of Health” are most important to them and develop a bespoke training and lifestyle programme to improve their wellness.

We use state-of-the-art health tracking tools to track progress in a way that encourages team members to engage with the programme without ever becoming overbearing.

Stone pillars of health

What are the results of our HAWQ corporate wellness programme?

Companies have found that HAWQ has the ultimate outcome of improving overall employee satisfaction, performance and commitment to the broader team.

Movement - 23% increase

Cardiovascular health - 50% improvement

Sleep - 83% improvement

Recovery - 83% improvement

Strong positive impact on 50% of employees

HAWQ corporate wellness prices

By combining app driven training and remote coaching with wearable technology, we’re able to provide all companies with the kind of meaningful, tailored corporate wellness programme that would have previously been unaffordable. Our prices start from just £3 per day per employee* and can be tailored to your organisation and your employees. Get in touch to discuss how we can partner with you to begin empowering your organisation today.

*Based on 30-day calendar month, minimum 6 months terms required, on-boarding and management fees not included


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