HAWQ & STONE Introductory Offer

An exciting new partnership

We are delighted to introduce our new partnership with HAWQ, our new provider of health assessments and initial consultations with a familiar team.

What is HAWQ?

Your Health And Wellness Quotient – a health assessment unlike any other – providing you with a health score. It’s something we are very excited to be able to offer to all of our clients at STONE.

The assessment

The HAWQ assessment covers multiple aspects based around five pillars of health; body, mind, movement, nutrition and sleep. It combines a health and lifestyle questionnaire with an in-person testing session at our studio which includes:

Physical evaluation

Key health markers

Understanding your results

The evaluation is followed by a results and advice session. In this session we discuss your personalised recommendations, set health and lifestyle goals and create a realistic, sustainable plan to support your health and wellbeing moving forwards.


HAWQ Health Assessment and 5 PT sessions

HAWQ Health Assessment and 10 PT Sessions


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