HAWQ & STONE Introductory Offer

An exciting new partnership

We are delighted to introduce our partnership with HAWQ, our new provider of health assessments and initial consultations with a familiar team.

What is HAWQ?

HAWQ is your Health and Wellness Quotient – a health assessment unlike any other, providing you with a personalised health score to help you truly understand your health. It’s something we’re very excited to be able to offer to all of our clients at STONE.

The assessment

The HAWQ assessment covers key health and fitness metrics based around HAWQ’s five pillars of health; body, mind, movement, nutrition and sleep. It combines a health and lifestyle review with an in-person testing session at our studio which includes:

Physical evaluation

Health markers

Cognitive function

Understanding your results

Your HAWQ assessment is followed by a debrief to discuss your results. In this session, you and your HAWQ health coach will discuss your personalised recommendations, set health and lifestyle goals and create a realistic and sustainable plan to support your health and wellbeing moving forwards.

"If you want to know your VO2, here’s why you should consider your HAWQ Score…"

Whilst a VO2max score is a great reflection of both cardio respiratory fitness and a good predictor of long term health, it’s only one piece of the puzzle. By taking part in a HAWQ assessment, you can identify strengths and limitations that go beyond cardiovascular fitness and ensure you’re getting the most out of your potential. By looking at your movement assessment and health markers, you coach can provide you with tailored recommendations that will optimise your training and get you closer to your goal – helping you to work smarter and not harder. If numbers aren’t important to you, simply having the confidence of knowing you’re doing the right things or getting a gentle nudge in the right direction can give you some great peace of mind.

VO2 max testing


HAWQ Health Assessment and 2 PT sessions


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