Intro to STONE: Get Fit, Stay Fit

Intro to STONE is our unique 30 day fitness transformation programme, entirely tailored around you and your body. Together, we build strong foundations for your fitness and a scaffolding around you to ensure you are set up for prolonged strength, movement and quality of life improvements. We are not here for quick fixes.

What can you expect from Intro to STONE

1 – Over the 30 day period you will receive 8 hours of live training (digital or in-studio).
2 – A deeper dive into objective setting and the goals you are looking to achieve.
3 – Movement screen: Understanding your body’s strengths and weaknesses.
4 – Testing: If required we can look at your metabolic baseline tests (including blood pressure, glucose levels, body composition and waist circumference) to get a better picture of your wider health.
5 – Access to our partnered app, so we can work together digitally as well as physically more frequently.
6 – Sleep analysis: We take time to talk about your sleep habits and can advise you on how to be more productive, efficient and energised.
7 – Nutrition analysis: We will also spend time discussing your diet and nutrition, we are able to advise on recipes and meal plans as well as diet education to help you make sustainable and enjoyable differences to the way you eat.

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30 Day Transformation Programme

STONE is the bedrock on which to build your fitness and wellbeing goals; comprehensive fitness plans entirely tailored around you. Intro to STONE is the perfect introduction to our philosophy. Find out how we can help you discover more about your health and fitness with our 30 day fitness transformation.

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How Intro to STONE Can Help You

Intro to STONE is not just about personal training, it’s also about personalised health. We take time to understand what drives you, motivates you and the challenges you encounter in order to deliver a powerful transformation that impacts all areas of your life. We learn about your physical abilities and limitations, making sure we build strong, lasting foundations together. We work with you to make progress towards sustainably improving your quality of life so that after your 30 day transformation journey is complete you continue to reap the benefits of your training.

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In the park, office, home or garden

Our trainers don’t just work in the park, they can travel anywhere our clients request if it helps fit their workout plans around their life. Whether you are in the office, at home, in your garden or anywhere else we can help organise this for you.

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