Asset 18 What is mStone?

mStone is about reaching your milestones, designed as a wrap around service to provide additional help and support when travelling and at home. We provide an app with access to a dedicated team of professionals hand picked to support your development. These experts come from a range of professions, from fitness to the medical field, from dieticians and physiologists through to metabolic health doctors and physiotherapists.

Squat training in our studio

Asset 19 Remote support for your training

Our app couldn’t be easier to use, it supports iOS devices and all leading Android phones too. Everyone who trains with us gets access to mSTONE, making it simple to stay on top of all aspects of your fitness and development, whether you’re travelling with work or simply too busy to make it over to one of our studios.

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Tracking progress towards your goals

mSTONE represents a fusion of health and fitness experts, nutritional support and technology all tailored towards helping you achieve your goals. You will be sent monthly summaries consisting of input from your dedicated specialists and reports from the data we have collected. This unique, truly tailored solution gives you the specific guidance you need to make long term improvements to your health and wellbeing. We give you the tools you need to track your progress. By developing a better understanding of the progress you’re making we’ll motivate you to push further to reach your goals and transform your lifestyle. Interested? You can learn more about our studio sessions here.

STONE home workout app

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