Our unique online personal training programme, STONE@HOME, delivers personalised, virtual home training built around you, wherever you are. We focus on movement and flow for your body; mental resilience and strength; a proactive approach to developing your immune system.

What do I need for STONE@HOME online training?

We want our online training programmes to be as accessible as possible. With STONE@HOME you won’t need any additional equipment, just a small area of clear space and a device on which to take a video call. If you have some equipment to hand and you would like to use it, let your trainer know and they will factor it into your training, but this is by no means essential. Our trainers will also take into account how much free space you have, so don’t worry if you don’t have a whole room to dedicate to your online personal training, our trainers will work with you to deliver the best, most effective remote workout in the space you have.

Plank training at home

How does STONE@HOME online training work?

  • You get your very own dedicated coach (in studio or online); an expert to listen and to understand you and your needs. These are the same specifically recruited trainers who work in our Kengsington and Bank studios.
  • 75 minute consultation including posture and movement analysis in our studios or digitally. This helps us identify key areas to target in your training.
  • Once a week we offer a guided 60 minute workout in the studio or via video call, where your progress and form are monitored.
  • We take into account your goals, abilities, location, space at home (or outdoors) and access to equipment to ensure we deliver the most effective workout with what you have available to you. Remember, no equipment is required and our training is open to people with all levels of experience.
Train remotely via Facetime

We programme your workouts throughout the week.

Each workout is designed around your goals and what you want to achieve and can be performed wherever you are and with whatever equipment you have. Once you’re up and running you’ll get:

  • A weekly 15 minute call with your coach on program effectiveness/preference as well as nutrition, mindfulness and everything else needed to keep you on track.
  • Access to our partnered app offering fully tailored and customised workouts with easy to follow video guides.
STONE home workout app

Safe and secure remote training

It’s easy to train with STONE@HOME wherever you are. There’s no need to spend time travelling to and from our studios for a workout. Training from the comfort of your own home means it’s easy to fit training around the latest coronavirus safety advice. Click here to sign up to STONE@HOME. Head here for more information about our online personal training programmes.

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