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Our coaches all have extensive experience and have an instinctive and considerate style, understanding the demands of a busy lifestyle and finding flexible training solutions for clients.

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Our experienced team of Coaches are more than Personal Trainers. They are experts in movement and function building a supportive framework to improve your life and will work with you to define and refine your goals as you progress. They are redefining training.

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Coach Yve


Yve, a passionate latin, street, ballet and contemporary dancer. Movement has always been her constant. From dance competitions to designing choreography she has an eye for movement and detail, something she brings to all of her clients. Yve transitioned into being a personal trainer six years ago and has been working in within gyms and studios, she teaches spin, boxing, reformer Pilates and Animal Flow. Yve is also a qualified massage therapist, which is something everyone at STONE has been enjoying recently. Outside of exercise Yve likes to go dancing (obviously), spend time in nature and loves watching documentaries!

Livvy Probert


Livvy is our head of research and product manager as well as a Coach. With a Masters Degree in Sport & Health Sciences, she has fantastic analytical knowledge of human performance. Livvy runs and develops all forms of our health assessment; from blood testing, V02 max tests to wearable tech data analysis, she does it all. Livvy’s clients focus on their movement and strength to improve their everyday or sporting performance whilst having the option to use their health data to inform their training choices.

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Tony is experienced in delivering personal training to suit all ages, abilities and fitness levels. Over the years he has achieved unparalleled results with many different types of people. He has an active interest in all sports and has specific knowledge of martial arts conditioning. Tony has a sound knowledge and understanding of nutrition, lifestyle improvements in addition to the latest training techniques. Along with his compelling drive for self-development, Tony has unrivalled passion and enthusiasm for motivating you to achieve your fitness goals- FAST!!

Our trainer Chloe


Chloe has been a personal trainer for the past 12 years, and is level 4 qualified. Her area of expertise is fat loss, but she also specialises in strength training, pre and post natal exercise, nutrition and lower back pain. Chloe likes to participate in CrossFit, paddleboarding and hiking in her spare time. She has coached a very diverse range of abilities during her career and likes to add an element of games into her workouts.

Our trainer Dan


Dan is one of our most experienced and loved coaches, if you can’t see him you can hear him laughing or chatting away! Dan enjoys playing football in his spare time, and is also a qualified massage therapist – so he has a fantastic understanding of anatomy and how the body moves. His specialist areas are postural correction and lifestyle management, and he has a keen eye for detail.

Coach Beni


Beni, a former professional national speedskater in his native Hungary and body builder, fitness and sports has always been his passion. Beni has been a personal trainer for over a decade and has experience across a number of different methodologies of training. He will tailor a session to you and can utilise bodyweight and TRX training in order to help you achieve your goals. Beni is full of energy, cheeky and never stops smiling! Outside of training he loves to fish, videography and spend time with his wife and son.

Coach Andy


Andy has always worked within sports, health and fitness. He got into training after suffering injuries whilst playing football and rugby. Andy has been a personal trainer for over a decade and has an eye for detail and specifically on movement patterns. He has expertise with Pilates and mobility specific training modalities. Andy has been through his own transformative journey from addiction to recovery and knows that real change is possible for anyone and is passionate about helping others on their journey to reach their own goals. Outside of the studio Andy supports his beloved football team Brighton, studying psychology, oh and listening to 90s boy bands!

Coach Nico


Nico has an MSc in Strength and Conditioning from Loughborough University following his BSc in Sport Science and Mathematics. With his scientific background and a keen eye for detail Nico comes with excellent technical knowledge. Nico wrote his master’s thesis on the effects of the menopause on training, demonstrating a unique maturity and intrigue into hormonal affects on the human body. Outside of training Nico is an avid football fan and supports Hamburg SV he is also a keen chess player!

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