VO₂ Max Testing

VO₂ Max Testing

At STONE we’re always striving to use the latest technology to empower our clients and coaches. By working in this way, we’re able to craft workouts that are more tailored, and therefore more effective. We are therefore delighted to introduce a new way to assess our clients’ current cardiovascular fitness – the VO₂ max test.
For a limited time, measure your VO₂ max as part of our introductory offer and get trained by our expert coaches for as little as £60 per session, find out more.

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What is VO₂ max?

VO₂ max is a measure of your oxygen uptake, i.e. how effective your body is at processing oxygen. The more efficiently you process oxygen, the higher your capacity for exercise.

A VO₂ max test is the gold standard for measuring cardiorespiratory fitness and predicting exercise capacity. Improving your VO₂ max will help protect your body against cardiovascular disease, certain types of cancer, dementia, depression and type 2 diabetes.

Anyone looking to start a training programme can benefit from a VO₂ max test, it’s the most accurate way we can quantify your current level of health and fitness. For people who are seriously into their training, the data can be used to say exactly what heart rate you should aim to hit during exercise to optimise cardiovascular training.

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What is a good VO₂ max?

At STONE we understand that every client is different, and nowhere is this more true than with their VO₂ max. A good score for one person may be dramatically different to a good score for another, with various factors such as gender, age, lifestyle and weight all playing a key role. Generally speaking, a higher score is better.

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How to improve VO₂ max with STONE

In your analysis and results session you will receive recommendations for your training based on your current strengths and areas needing improvement. If you start training with us, your individual data will be used to inform the coaching plan and direction. Your coach will tailor an approach to training based on your goals, but also the needs highlighted by your results which will cover both your training in the studio and if wanted, on your own. An individualised training plan, with consistency and the accountability of a coach, is the best way to improve your VO₂. Find out more about our health assessment options here.

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How our VO₂ max tests work

A specialised STONE exercise physiologist will take you through various tests over 60 minutes to determine your baseline health and to better understand your current physical and metabolic condition. This information is then discussed with your lead Coach and presented back to you in a 30-minute session to help inform your training and lifestyle habits.

Your coaches can then use this information to craft workouts that are more tailored, and therefore more effective, helping you to make a bigger and long lasting difference to your health. Over time, this will improve your VO₂ max and leave you feeling fitter, healthier and younger. For more information, get in touch with our team today.

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