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Unleash your potential with tailored wellness

1. Form + Function: Personal Training

– Unique Health Assessment: Begin your journey with an in-depth HAWQ health assessment to tailor your program.
– Personal Training Sessions: Experience customised training sessions focused on your individual goals.
– Nutritional Support: Comprehensive guidance including food diaries and meal planning, ensuring your diet aligns with your health objectives.

Working on strength in our west London personal training studio

2. Recovery: Revitalise and Restore

– Advanced Recovery Options: Benefit from recovery sessions designed to rejuvenate and restore your body in our dedicated recovery spaces enhanced with Hyperice and Normatech equipment.
– Physiotherapy & Massage: Access to specialised physiotherapy and massage services in our top-tier packages.
– Mental Wellness Support: Emphasise mental resilience through improved nutrition, exercise, and sleep support.

Training in one of our studios

3. Physiology: Data-Driven Health Insights

– HAWQ Assessments: Quarterly HAWQ assessments to monitor your wellbeing, longevity and track progress.
– Personalised Health Metrics: Continuous tracking of key indicators relevant to your goals through the HAWQ app.
– Long-Term Health Improvement: Focused on enhancing your overall wellbeing and vitality efficiently and optimally.

Resistance training

Additional Benefits

– Exclusive Access: Specialised equipment and cutting-edge assessments unique to Vitality members.
– Flexibility and Support: Options to pause packages and a 24-hour cancellation policy for greater flexibility.
– Long-Term Commitment Rewards: Discounts available for annual commitments, recognising and rewarding your dedication.

Working on flexibility in our studio

Getting Started

– Complimentary Session: Begin with a complimentary personal training session to set your health goals.
– Flexible Packages: Choose from Vitality, Vitality Plus, and Vitality Star packages, each offering different levels of support and features.
– Expert-Led Coaching: Benefit from the guidance of professional trainers in every aspect of your journey. Meet the team.

VO2 max testing

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